We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land where our school is located, and pay our respects to their elders past and present.

Why Cowes Primary?

Our teaching programs are designed to help students become independent thinkers in an ever changing world. Staff assist students in seeking and acquiring new skills and knowledge which will stick with them beyond their time at Cowes Primary School.

The staff at Cowes Primary School work collaboratively in Professional Learning Teams to increase student learning and they share a collective responsibility for student achievement. Our teachers always reflect on how their work contributes to student outcomes and the school’s improvement goals.

Students at Cowes Primary School are given many opportunities to excel, both academically and socially. Partnerships created between students, staff, parents and community organisations ensure that students foster a passion for learning and are motivated to be the best they can be, in whatever it is they are participating. Our school community values differences in achievement, personality and interest, and supports students in setting individual goals.


At the top of the list when measuring the quality of a school has to be the quality of the teaching staff. We are beyond fortunate to have a team of teachers truly dedicated to positive outcomes for all our students.

Each year, Government School staff take part in a survey which focuses on areas of school climate shown through research to have a strong effect on student outcomes. Survey results for Cowes Primary School highlight that our staff consistently achieve excellent results which correlate with our strong student achievement data.

Support staff are an integral and vital part of our school community. They maintain a collaborative role in all aspects of student learning at Cowes Primary School.

Cowes Primary School Staff:

  • acknowledge that all students have a capacity to learn
  • have an understanding of how students develop and learn
  • recognise, respect and respond to the individual differences of their students
  • treat students respectfully, equitably and justly
  • engender positive attitudes, confidence and self esteem within all students
  • set and maintain high standards of student behaviour and academic achievement
  • provide a collaborative environment where teachers communicate and work together to achieve excellent results
  • great staff stability
  • unrelenting focus on student improvement

Cowes Primary School is centrally located within the township of Cowes, with close proximity to beaches, shops, amenities and many recreational facilities. Cowes Primary School is the largest primary school on Phillip Island and therefore can cater for a wide range of social, emotional and educational experiences. 

Cowes Primary School provides an inclusive, safe and vibrant environment where students can thrive. We pride ourselves on encouraging parent engagement, a strong partnership between school and home supports students to reach their full potential.

Cowes Primary School values its long standing connections with organisations and groups within the broader community. These connections build relationships with a wide range of people and organisations to expand opportunity and improve outcomes for students. Being in close proximity to nature, students develop an understanding of sustainability and environmental awareness, fostering a sense of connection and advocacy for conservation.


At Cowes Primary School we are extremely fortunate to live in a world renowned natural landscape. Staff and students cherish opportunities to interact with the natural features we have on our doorstep.

Our school is set on vast grounds with an abundance of natural features including a native bush sancturay, native gardens and a multi sensory playground, that cater for all students. We value a strong relationship with Phillip Island Nature Parks and local Community Groups. We are committed to exploring, protecting and appreciating our Island home through a multitude of outdoor activities, community involvement and environmental studies. 

Get In Touch

Please feel free to contact us to arrange a school tour or for any other information or assistance, our contact details are;

Ph: 5952 2132 and 5952 2008.

Email: cowes.ps@education.vic.gov.au

Cowes Primary School
177 Settlement Rd
Cowes Vic 3922