Our Staff

At the top of the list when measuring the quality of a school has to be the quality of the teaching staff. We are beyond fortunate to have a team of teachers truly dedicated to positive outcomes for all our students.

Each year, Government School staff take part in a survey which focuses on areas of school climate shown through research to have a strong effect on student outcomes. Survey results for Cowes Primary School highlight that our staff consistently achieve excellent results which correlate with our strong student achievement data.

Support staff are an integral and vital part of our school community. They maintain a collaborative role in all aspects of student learning at Cowes Primary School.

Cowes Primary School Staff:

  • acknowledge that all students have a capacity to learn
  • have an understanding of how students develop and learn
  • recognise, respect and respond to the individual differences of their students
  • treat students respectfully, equitably and justly
  • engender positive attitudes, confidence and self esteem within all students
  • set and maintain high standards of student behaviour and academic achievement
  • provide a collaborative environment where teachers communicate and work together to achieve excellent results
  • great staff stability
  • unrelenting focus on student improvement