At Cowes Primary School teachers work in Professional Learning Teams (PLTs) to collaboratively plan units of work that engage students curiosity and allows them to explore areas of personal interest. Teachers implement best practice, using evidenced based approaches and tailor the classroom learning experiences to the needs of their students.

At Cowes Primary School, we believe that an effective method for Literacy instruction incorporates the ‘Gradual Release of Responsibility’ model or the ‘I do, We do, You do’ approach. Teachers explicitly model a particular skill, then work together with the students as they practise that skill. Students are then given opportunities to work independently using the new knowledge that has been introduced. Instruction and support is provided throughout the learning process in whole groups, small groups and at an individual level.

Specialist classes include Art, L.O.T.E., Physical Education, Music and S.T.E.M. In Terms 1 and 4, our students participate in an intensive swimming program at our school pool to ensure they develop proficient swimming and water safety capabilities. The skills they learn as part of this program are essential given we live on an island surrounded by water.

Our school has a strong focus on oral language as it is the foundation for the development of reading, writing, and overall academic achievement.